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About Olivia

Olivia is a New York-based theatrical lighting designer and programmer. She was born and raised in the Lower Hudson Valley, only a train ride away from New York City. She is currently a 3rd year MFA student at Brooklyn College in the Design and Technical Theater program, with a concentration in lighting design. 


Olivia began to show an interest in performance art when she was very young and began to pursue those interests throughout her childhood. After taking a stagecraft class in her senior year of high school, Olivia found her passion for programming and designing. She then went on to work on every performance that was staged in her high school theater and even became the in-house lighting designer for a local production company. 


Olivia's goal is to become a professional within the theatrical world. She intends to use all the knowledge and experience she has gained throughout school and her life to achieve this goal, all while loving what she is doing!



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